August 2015


Welcome to VALENTINA and family who have joined us this month – please feel free to ask any questions you may have;

we are sure you will enjoy your time at the Centre.

Please advise us of your plans August and September we can plan accordingly – there is a sheet at the sign in desk to facilitate this. Thank you.

Important dates to remember

Centre closed  on :



(Centre reopens , Monday 31st  August 2015)



Infant Toddler

In August, the theme is Sea Animals, children will learn about sea animals through song, book, pictures, puzzle and arts and will decorate a board with their crafts.  Watch out for the boards develop into ‘masterpieces’ by the end of the month.

They will enjoy outdoor play as well as we will take every opportunity to spend time in the parks  surrounding us. When appropriate we may also join the Montessori children for some water-fun activities together.


Daycare Montessori

Reminders-please ensure that children have appropriate shoes to play at the park, a water bottle, sunscreen and a hat to make sure that the children are ready for summer fun.


The children have had a fun filled July! Running through the sprinkler, making some amazing art with sidewalk chalk and blowing bubbles. As well the adventures to the surrounding parks and hiking trails. The children have also been making some amazing snacks including Strawberry bagels, Monkey sandwiches, apple turnovers and even s'mores!


This August  we will have much of the fun activities, with the triple park adventures, picnicking at Maple Grove and playing in the sprinkler. The children will also be making some more wonderful snacks like fruit salad, worm pudding, fruit smoothies and ice cream sundaes.


Our theme this upcoming month will be 'Slippery Fish' the children have been working hard in constructing the their own Slippery Fish paper puppets  that they will be finishing this month and taking home to share with moms and dads!


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