September 2018



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Welcome to HUGO and PRISHA and families who joined us this month – please feel free to ask any questions you may have; we are sure you will enjoy your time at the Centre.


Infant Toddler - 

In August, the theme was WATER the children decorated the poster-board with their crafts.  We will also learn about underwater creatures.

In September, Theme is ‘New Friends’. With new children joining us , we will find more about each other , names , culture etc. The new children will get to know our routine and become familiar with the surroundings.

  "We are friends. Let's play together!!"....

In these last days of a hot summer they will also enjoy outdoors and the parks surrounding us. When appropriate, we may also join the Montessori children for some activities together.


Daycare Montessori

In August the children were busy with different activities each day hiking, picnics, water days etc. Also during August the children were very excited with Cooking Days, Science Days and of course Water Fun Days. The children learnt some simple cooking activities eg baking and making cup cakes etc., and were introduced to some simple and age appropriate science activities.

This September’s theme will be 'all about me and my friends’ - the children will be making profiles about themselves to share with the class. If parents would like to send any pictures that the children can use for their profiles that would be great! We will be welcoming our new friends who have joined us this month and make ensure their experience at the Centre is comfortable and enjoyable.

Nearer to the end of September, the children will celebrate the fall equinox with an apple theme-including dissecting apples to learn the parts of an apple.

Beyond our busy summer plans the children will also be making some fantastic themed artwork that parents can check out on the walls of the classroom .

Wednesdays will be show and tell during the course of the month.

We will continue to work on the following class rules at the outset and parents please help us by encouraging the same at home.

1. Please ensure your child has indoor shoes which they change into when they arrive at the Centre and which stay at the             Centre when leaving.

2. Please have a change of clothes at the Centre , in case they are needed.

3. Please label all you food containers and let us know if any food needs to be heated (note also: as you are aware, ours is  a ‘NUT-FREE’ Centre.  )

4. Please arrive on time especially if your child is attending the Montessori – this helps keep disruption to the minimum.

5. Please inform us immediately if there are any changes eg address, telephone, contacts.

 6. Please ensure you look at your child’s cubby when you are leaving and take home their work etc.

 7. Please inform us as early as possible (by 9am – would be great) if your child is not attending the Centre that day.

 8. May we also suggest that you drop-off your child and leave soon thereafter. This makes the transition much easier and   conducive to a good start to the day, both for the staff and the children.

As is becoming common practice generally, the Centre is also moving towards a policy of NOT warming food using a microwave .  We would like to request parents to provide food which does not require warming or alternatively provide warm food in thermos containers. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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