About Us

Located within a loving and nurturing environment, the Centre offers a structured, enriched and unique program in a bright and spacious facility including a large indoor patio

Qualified and Experienced ECE Providing High Quality Care

  • All Day indoor and outdoor Activities
  • Outdoor activities (walking, parks and many more)

Daycare Montessori Curriculum (based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori) includes:

  • Math - helps children to go from a Concrete to Abstract Understanding of Mathematics
  • Language – children will learn letters, sounds and eventually writing and reading small beginner’s books
  • Sensorial – Montessori sensorial materials are designed to help children refine the tactile, visual and auditory senses.
  • Practical life – helps children to learn to care for themselves, environment and each other. Also they learn everyday life’s self care activities.

The curriculum is organized around the Maria Montessori designed materials that enable children to refine their tactile, visual and auditory senses. The programme is designed as a progressive Montessori module which also combines the traditional approach.  

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