April 2018

Welcome to FINN AND AUDREY and familiy who have joined us this month – please feel free to ask any questions you may have; we are sure you will enjoy your time at the Centre.

april showers

                      April Showers




April 22 2018 – Earth Day


Infant Toddler

During March we talked about spring, the change in weather and plants and flowers which appear at this time of the year. We also made crafts for St Patrick and Easter and hope parents enjoyed the Easter baskets children brought home.

During April we will continue the theme of Spring , talking about Butterflies etc and the flowers which grow around this time of the year and the changing weather.

April showers are here but we will endeavour to spend time outside the classroom to the trails and parks next to the Centre for picnics and play.

Daycare Montessori

In March, in addition to covering the festivals of St Patricks, Nowruz and Easter we also talked about Spring and all the changes it brings. We covered the life stages of a BUTTERFLY   -   the posters in the classroom reflect the childrens’ hard work. We also had a small celebration for Easter, making cup cakes , egg-hunt and treats which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

 April is going to be a busy month and we will be covering the following :

We will cover the life stages of a FROG  - watch out for changing posters in the classroom and please discuss with your children at home. Parents might be pleasantly surprised with the knowledge children acquire.

As well we continue the Fun Family Phonics.  The teacher will advise the children as to the weekly show and tell items on Wednesdays. The childrens’ writing skills are coming along well and the next two months will be focusing on further developing these skills. Children are also covering numbers upto one hundred.

At the end of April we will also introduce our next major theme (for  May) : SPACE AND PLANETS

We will also continue this year’s theme 'all about me and my friends’ –   recognizing and respecting different cultures and values .

We will continue to work on the following class rules at the outset and parents please help us by encouraging the same at home.



1. Please ensure your child has indoor shoes which they change into when they arrive at the Centre and which stay at the Centre when leaving.

2. Please have a change of clothes at the Centre , in case they are needed.

3. Please label all you food containers and let us know if any food needs to be heated (note also: as you are aware, ours is  a ‘NUT-FREE’ Centre)

4. Please arrive on time especially if your child is attending the Montessori – this helps keep disruption to the minimum.

5. Please inform us immediately if there are any changes eg address, telephone, contacts.

6. Please ensure you look at your child’s cubby when you are leaving and take home their work etc.

7. Please inform us as early as possible (by 9am – would be great) if your child is not attending the Centre that day.

8. May we also suggest that you drop-off your child and leave soon thereafter. This makes the transition much easier and  conducive to a good start to the day, both for the staff and the children.

As is becoming common practice generally, the Centre is also moving towards a policy of NOT warming food using a microwave .  We would like to request parents to provide food which does not require warming or alternatively provide warm food in thermos containers. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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